Here we would like to share 5 key elements for drawing Chinese travelers to your hotel:

1. Convenience

An abundance of travelers, a world of convenience. In crafting customer experiences, the perception of convenience is as important as the actual benefits of saved time and effort.

2. Food and beverage
This piece of silly pop philosophy has a serious point. It highlights the fact it is no longer good food alone which will encourage customer loyalty in the food and beverage industry.

Before, travel guides and word of mouth recommendations would mean the survival or death of a hospitality business.

3. Free wi-fi

4 out of 5 Chinese tourists share photos of their travels online through WeChat, Weibo and other platforms1
Approximately 93% of Chinese travelers under 35 share information about their trip on social media2
71% of Chinese tourists aged 20 – 40 rely on social media for travel inspiration
What do these statistics mean? Basically, make it easy for your Chinese guests to get online and talk about you! Like most of us, Chinese are unlikely to use expensive global roaming options on their mobiles when abroad, so they are relying on you. And upgrading your internet to make wi-fi free doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – the price difference could be as little as adding an extra $1 onto your nightly rates.

4. Retail-focused tech
The “first thing Chinese (travelers) are looking for” on a trip is shopping.

It’s not a good restaurant or Michelin stars or whatever; it is outlets And hotels can help with that experience by offering map apps in Chinese that indicate nearby shops and outlets.

5. Electronic pay
Seventy percent of Chinese travelers are paying electronically through services such as Alipay and WeChat, which means hotels have to offer that option.

It is very common that Chinese cannot go without their phone. They can go out without their wallets, but the phone is a must. When those Chinese travelers come … with the currency changes, with their languages … if we can install that electronic payment, that is definitely another so-critical element to drive Chinese travelers.

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