Be Visible

Get your hotel known by Chinese tourists. With ever expanding Internet, Social Media has become the preferred channel for most companies in the tourism industry to build their image to tourists. The majority of Chinese spend long time on social networks as Weibo or WeChat. While advertising on any of the many social media platforms in China is almost certainly beneficial, WeChat has become the platform of choice for most companies. Those platforms have become an important part of their daily life and are considered as trustful sources of information. The content, reviews and comments that Chinese travelers find through these popular social networks will be decisive elements for their choice.

Easy Booking

The booking engine must also be responsive with a simplified booking process when opened on the mobile device, and it should be seamlessly integrated into the website for a smooth booking experience. A research has shown a significant proportion of Chinese tourists use their smartphone to book and arrange flights/tours/hotels. This can also be done easily through social media platforms.


Safety is a primary issue for travelers from China. They want to know that the hotel that they choose is in a safe location and has safety procedures in place to make them feel comfortable and secure.

Free Wi-FI

The Chinese website has to be designed to be viewable on all devices in particular the mobile. Staying connected is important to most travelers, and Chinese tourists are no exception. Nearly 75 percent of Chinese tourists look for free Wi-FI, and not providing it discourage your customers to stay. Do not be tempted to skimp on bandwidth, and make sure your Wi-Fi is available in the lobby as well as in all hotel rooms.

Living Habits

  • Easy access to hot water — not for a shower — but in a kettle. Chinese tourists enjoy having a cup of tea or a bowl of noodles after a long day in town or in the morning before heading out.
  • Slippers. Hotels in China offer slippers for free, so tourists also want slippers when they travel.

Influencer Marketing

KOL is also known as Key Opinion Leader marketing. It has become a powerful tool for marketing in China. Many KOLs command thousands or even millions of followers on Chinese social media platforms. Having them share one of your posts or some pictures at your hotel/tour service can have astounding reach. For a fee, KOLs will share your posts to their fans and write a post about your company. Chinese customers tend to trust the opinions of these KOLs, so many marketing campaigns that have employed KOLs have been remarkably successful.


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