Bravo! From February 21st, 2019, Hongkong Wechat official account can be verified without a corporate bank account. Tencent has finally done a meaningful thing.

Let us take a look at the new procedure of Hongkong Wechat official account verification:

Register-Put forward company materials-Wechat payment-Verified

No bank account is required in new procedure. The verification is shorted to 2 days from 7-10 days.

We are here to provide a faster way to verify a Hongkong Wechat official account. Only $88 service fee ( not including verification fee), the verification can be completed within 2-3 days if all the materials is fully prepared.

Moreover, super-low fee rate Hongkong Wechat Pay (wallet supported), please contact us for more information.

Conditions for open Hongkong Wechat Pay cross-border

1.       Fill out the application form and send it to us at

2.       BR (business registration) photo

3.       CR (certificate of registration) photo

4.       ID photo of legal person

5.       Offline pay (shop heads and in-store photos)

6.       Online pay (Website)

7.       Monthly statement ( recent 1-3 months)

After the initial check, sign the merchant contract. The beneficiary account can be available within about 1-2 days after the contract is signed.

To apply for Hongkong Wechat Pay, please contact us at

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