China has become the main source of tourists for Sri Lanka. An estimated 1.8 million tourists arrived in Sri Lanka last year, contributing 2.98 billion U.S. dollars to the government revenues. So what is the number of Chinese tourists into Sri Lanka every year?

Up to now, Wechat Pay cross-border  has been supported in 49 countries and territories including Sri Lanka.

How do Sri Lanka companies open WeChat Pay cross-border ? Here please let me talk about the detailed process below:

Conditions for Sri Lanka companies to open WeChat Pay cross-border:

Material list for Sri Lanka merchants

  1. Fill out application table
  2. Merchants agreement
  3. Trade License(Copy)
  4. Certificate of commercial register(Copy)
  5. Sri Lanka ID card or Passport (Copy)
  6. Recent business bank statement (3-6 months)
  7. For online business, please provide the website address. For offline business, please provide the photos of your store/office (storefront logo & in-store)

Sri Lanka WeChat Pay cross-border transaction rate: About 1.6%

Sri Lanka WeChat Pay cross-border settlement cycle:

T+3 (The settlement will be done every three days)

How Sri Lanka companies get Wechat official account?

Sri Lanka companies can register the WeChat official account with the overseas entity. To get certified with Sri Lanka corporate entity, the applets are available. To apply for a Sri Lanka cross-border official account and applets, please contact us at to get Wechat official account certification in a fast and convenient way.

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